Dragon Temple

« created with Unity »

Time: 48 hoursSoftware: Unity 4, Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6

This level is based on a Maya particle project which was designed with hi-poly models and which used Maya particle effects.  The models have had poly counts reduced (for example, the 50,000 tri center columns are now only 2,000 tris), and Maya particle effects have been replaced by Unity particle effects.

There are a few items to implement from the original design, most notably the aquaduct with running water (I am presently experimenting with different ways to model and script waterflow for a convincing fountain effect) and the banners (the intent to is experiment with cloth and wind effects to have them sway gently in a breeze).  Additionally, it is intended that the dragon-shaped window will look out upon a twinkling draconic constellation in the night sky, adding a second dimension to the newly designed moon focus.