Namco Summer Fun Pass

Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster [24"x36"]
Promotional Banner
Promotional Banner [72"x18"]
Summer Fun Pass Exterior
Summer Fun Pass Exterior [12"x3.5"]
Summer Fun Pass Interior
Summer Fun Pass Interior [12"x3.5"]

The Summer Fun Pass program was an attempt to drum up sales during the slower, summer months in the arcades by providing free tokens each day, encouraging repeat visits.  The pass itself was designed in the style of a baseball schedule, with six panels (pentafold); the interior contained each date to be punched as used, while the exterior contained promotions for other programs.  The banner was also specially designed with a red "Coming Soon" section that could be cut off after the program started, with the rivets placed so that the banner would still hang properly.

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Promotional Poster Promotional Banner Summer Fun Pass Interior Summer Fun Pass Exterior