Namco Pac-Rewards Card

Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster [24"x36"]
Changer Signage
Changer Signage [13.25"x10"]
Pac-Rewards Card
Pac-Rewards Card [3.375"x2.125"]

The Pac-Rewards program was the follow-up to the Summer Fun Pass, again attempting to drum up business in the slower, summer months.  This time, the promo card was given out free with a $10 or greater token purchase, encouraging a larger initial purchase, and then bonuses were given for using the card throughout the summer months.  The changer signage, as many programs, was split in half to provide an advertisment for the Pac-Rewards program, while simultaneously displaying the cost for tokens — in this case, the bonus tokens for use of the card were also displayed.

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Promotional Poster Changer Signage Pac-Rewards Card