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Public Websites

My work at Namco Cybertainment Inc. (now Namco Entertainment Inc.) began as an entry-level web developer where I was sole person in charge of the company's public promotional websites including Funcrafters (, Namco Arcade (, Wonder Park (both and, XS Orlando (, and occasional arcade game community websites including Tekken 4 ( and Soul Calibur 2 (

Development Features: The majority of these sites were developed using VBScript in a classic ASP setting, implementing Microsoft Access databases for data management.  Namco Arcade featured a public forum that had been developed from scratch to implement features that many other forums had implemented, but were not available in a single package.  Some of the more advanced forum features included the ability to ban a user from a single thread to help maintain a positive community, global messages that appeared on all boards within the forum, and a full private message system.

In addition to forums, a full content management system was implemented that allowed complete online management of news and page data, including specifically timed promotions that would display and remove themselves as scheduled.  Further, a full catalog of used games for sale was regularly available and updated, and many independent scripts managed site metrics, database management, and other housecleaning functions.

Internal Website

The final three years of my employment at Namco Cybertainment involved the full development of an online intra-company website that provided a publicly accessible site for employees to access specific functions necessary to complete their job.  The initial purpose of the website was to function as an online merchandise catalog from which the company's arcades around the country could order products to fill redemption counters and crane games with prizes.

Development Features: The site was developed in VBScript in a classic ASP setting, although work had begun in the final two months of my employment on a C#-based ASP.Net update (this was never completed).  The site interfaced with data provided by the company's AS400 mainframe to provide many automated features including calculation of a store's budget based on internal company metrics, delivering new user login information to new employees, automatically removing employee information for employees no longer with the company, and housecleaning of many behind-the-scenes operations.

In addition to functioning as a merchandise catalog, the site expanded to include an employee training system, an inventory and inventory reconciliation system, and modules to handle expense reports, accident reports, and many other necessary functions including relevant and timely news.

Although the actual code and content of this site remains the confidential property of Namco Cybertainment Inc., I can discuss many of the design approaches taken during development.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information, it is impossible to provide a current demonstration of this site.

Development Philosophy

Perhaps the most important development philosophy I embraced during my time with Namco Cybertainment Inc. was to regularly seek feedback from the users of the various sites, and to improve the sites based on the suggestions of those users.  Whether it was how the public form worked on the Namco Arcade site, or how information was displayed in the intra-company site, I would develop an interface, test it with a small focus group, and then release it to the userbase.  Once released, I would then actively seek feedback to ensure the interfaces functioned as expected, and that they were easy to understand.  Frequent updates to the sites were initiated by user suggestion that provided further insight on how users expected particular systems to work or appear.